Video Games Review – Read Dead Redemption

With E3 and PAX bringing a great deal of excitement to a summer of epic games, gamers are looking forward to the blockbusting releases of the fall and winter. However, there are a number games that still deserve a second look and should be reviewed further. One such video game is Red Dead Redemption, the Old West open world game that was released at the beginning of the summer.

One of the main strengths that video game reviewers had pointed out about Red Dead Redemption is the open feeling of the story. Character choices do not always have the desired effects and making the correct decisions doesn’t always guarantee that you will end up in the right location. You take on the role of John Marston, who stands right on the line of law and chaos. Your goal is to hunt down your former gang and bring them to justice, whatever way you see fit. They had sold you out and now you are out for blood and punishment, however you want to play it. This is a compelling story, where in game decisions will have an effect both on the reception that you will receive with other characters in the game and on how you get things done in the context of the game. Will you have a bounty on your head and have to avoid the law? Or will you be a shining beacon of justice? The choice is yours.

The random encounters in the game are also of top quality. It is not unusual to be riding between one town and another and come across a shootout between two gangs. Do you step in on one side or the other? Do you just sit back and watch? Or do you just move on and not get involved at all? It is completely up to you.

Red Dead Redemption also offers a multiplayer setting where you can form a gang and fight online against other gangs. This feels very much like a typical shoot out, but there is something that is gratifying about that experience in the low tech world of the Old West at the turn of the 20th century. Working together with your friends you could become a gang to be feared.

Overall, Red Dead Redemption is very much worth the $59.99 price tag. It is an immersive game that will capture your imagination and it presents a compelling storyline that allows you to choose the morality level of your character.